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How to Program your Radio

In order to program your radio, the concept is similar to a regular analog radio.  You will program the RX frequency, and TX frequency.  In the digital world, Color Code is the equivilent to PL tone.  The K5LPD repeater uses color code 1.  There are two time slots available to use, per channel.   For DMR, you must have a "Contact" programmed per channel.  The "Contact" will use one of the timeslots.  The Talkgroups are entered as Contacts (Group Calls) and people are entered as (Private Calls).  When you set up the channel in your radio, you will assign a contact (Talkgroup) to that particular channel.  Usuallly, different repeaters or hotspots are programmed as a "Zone" in your radio, and you would program the channels in that zone with each a talkgroup.  So technically, each channel in that zone will have the same Rx/TX frequency and color code, the only thing that will change is the contact (Talkgroup). You can use the private call feature of your radio to call another station directly using Private Call.  You would select their name in your contact list and initiate the call there.  It still goes through the repeater, but will only be between the two contacts.  This feature is currently only available on Brandmeister, It will also use a time slot (2).  On the K5LPD repeater, two conversations can occur at the same time, one on each time slot.  

On the K5LPD repeater, TG3122 (Louisiana) and TG9 (Local) are "Static" on Time Slot 2.  This means they are always active, and you will always hear the traffic on them when you select them on your radio.  On Time Slot 1, all TGIF Talk Groups are Dynamic.

For "Dynamic" Talkgroups, you would put your radio on the desired channel (TG91 Worldwide) for example, and push your PTT button. The radio will "Tell" the repeater to open that Talkgroup for comms.  You will now hear all traffic on TG91 until the timer expires in 15 minutes, or 15 minutes after your last PTT.  If you want to disconnect a TG before 15 minutes, PTT on TG4000 and that will disconnect ANY dynamic TGs on the repeater. 


RX:  144.9800 MHZ  - Repeater Output   **Not a standard split**

TX:  147.4800 MHZ  - Repeater Input    **Will need to program manually**

+2.5 mhz offset

Color Code 1

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