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02/02/2019 - Maintenance was done at the Repeater site today.  New LMR-400 coax was installed, and the antenna raised just a bit.  This should provide better coverage.

The K5LPD Repeater is a 2 Meter VHF Digitial Only Amateur Radio Repeater located in Scott, Louisiana.  The antenna is approximately 70ft HAAT with 15 watts of power.  The repeater is Multi-Mode, capable of operating in DMR, Yeasu Fusion, D-Star, and P25.  Currently the repeater is set to operate in DMR only.  The K5LPD is connected to the Brandmeister Network. Group assignments are listed below for your reference.  Any Brandmeister Talkgroup other than Louisiana can be activated on Time Slot 1.  Local traffic (Non Network), takes place on Timeslot 2, Talkgroup 9.  All Louisiana Talkgroups are static on Timeslot 2. If you are interested in getting your radio programmed for this repeater, send me an e-mail at  Let me know what radio you have and I will create a simple codeplug to get you started.

Brandmeister Network (Time Slot 1)

All Talkgroups are on Demand (PTT)

Brandmeister Louisiana Talkgroups (Time Slot 2)

Click here for Active Dashboard


K5LPD MMDVM Repeater

Oren L. Haydel III

Carencro, Louisiana



RX: 144.9800

TX: 147.4800

DMR: Color Code 1

Coverage Area


Program your Radio


3122     Louisiana Statewide

31220   Louisiana Chat

31221   SELCOM Group

31222   LA AuxComm

31223   Acadiana DMR (To be assigned if use picks up)

31224   XRF048 C  (Angelo NOLA)

31225   SE Louisiana

31226   Gulf Coast Link System

31229   ArkLaTex

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